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 A day in the life as a MG-C admin

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A day in the life as a MG-C admin Empty
PostSubject: A day in the life as a MG-C admin   A day in the life as a MG-C admin I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 12:51 pm

Now,as i said in the announcement,this is a topic to post all the odd things that happened to you,the MG-C admin.

To all the other admins and non-admins: Have fun reading Very Happy

OK then,il start with a argument,concerning spawnkilling:
Vaxter @ Old comp : You're camping your spawn so you deserve EVERY SINGLE CRIT.
Valkyer : XD

Valkyer : my throat is starting to hurt XD
Vaxter @ Old comp : A heavy.
—(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : fail uber
Vaxter @ Old comp : Awesome.
—(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : XD
*DEAD* —(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : D:
Vaxter @ Old comp : I have another question
Wolfeh : yes
*DEAD* Valkyer : XD
Wolfeh : bonk is camping
Vaxter @ Old comp : So if I got this right:
—(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : OPS
Vaxter @ Old comp : Killing someone inside the Square spawn is considered spawnkilling
Vaxter @ Old comp : and a kick/bannable offense
Wolfeh : also
Vaxter @ Old comp : Is it?
Wolfeh : near the entrance
Wolfeh : and
Wolfeh : everything below the first ramp
(Voice) —(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·�: Incoming
Wolfeh : on the 1st floor
Vaxter @ Old comp : Ok;
Vaxter @ Old comp : So tell me this
*DEAD* Wolfeh : xD
*DEAD* Wolfeh : gotcha
Vaxter @ Old comp : How do you kill a sniper who just resides near the spawn door, if NOT countersnipe
Vaxter @ Old comp : How do?
Valkyer : well
Wolfeh : well
Wolfeh : that easy
Wolfeh : close the damn door
Wolfeh : duh
Wolfeh : xD
Valkyer : you can spam at him but not from cabinets
Vaxter @ Old comp : Another problem occurs
*DEAD* Valkyer : fu
—(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : XDD
Vaxter @ Old comp : If anyone gets killed near a spawn door
Vaxter @ Old comp : Then snipers are also bannable.
Wolfeh : nope
*DEAD* —(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : D: nice bodyshot
Vaxter @ Old comp : It's the equivalent of campng with stickies, only it requires aim
Wolfeh : i see you found one of the many loopholes
(Voice) Wolfeh: Thanks!
19:52 - DONT CLICK ON GROUP LINKS!: Vaxter @ Old comp : If it's not a bannable offense to snipe like that
Vaxter @ Old comp : and it IS a bannable offense to kill someone who's camping the spawn door like a FAGGOT
Valkyer : there are indeed many holes in those rooles
Vaxter @ Old comp : then I have no intentions to play on this server any longer.
Wolfeh : then you should leave Smile
Vaxter @ Old comp : You lose. Good day sir.
*DEAD* —(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� : :/
Player Vaxter @ Old comp left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Wolfeh : good day rager
Wolfeh : xD
Player —(•·÷[¯|¯ãn¡À]÷·� joined team BLU
Wolfeh : well
Wolfeh : that was easy enough
*DEAD* Valkyer : XD
Wolfeh : wasnt it?
Wolfeh : xD
*DEAD* Valkyer : ya
Does anyone else have a story to tell? Razz
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A day in the life as a MG-C admin
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